January 6th, 2021 was a date that will be etched in history forever. Unfortunately, there are several
UNKNOWN casualties from that day at the Capitol.

There are currently over 200 Patriots that are wasting away Jail in and around DC without even a court date on the Horizon. These are Patriots that have done nothing more than entered the capitol, been around the Capitol on that day and even driven family to the Capitol.

This is not the Justice system as we have been told it is supposed to operate. The people stuck in the
system (some with family) for several weeks and even months without a PAID attorney are being
detained NOT due to their crimes rather their political affiliations.

We must get the word out about the stories of every individual that is being unfairly detained. Our goal
is to have High Caliber Attorneys consulting us and these Patriots and their Public Defenders on the
fastest route to get out of jail.

We need media connections that are willing to tell this story. We need emotional support for those in jail and of course legal advice. Currently we are focusing on the ones that have no other charges other than being in or around the Capitol on that fateful day.

Please leave your information if you would like to support our cause.
This is NOT the USA as we know it.

One example: A beautiful lady brought her boyfriend and his son to the Capitol on the 6 th and she was arrested and charged with Conspiracy and has been in Jail for 60 days facing 7 years. According to this logic the feds should be arresting all Uber drivers who worked that day.


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